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News of the week

Hello everybody, today i’m going to talk about the update of instagram

It's official: Instagram's CEO announced the last week the suppression of likes for a part of the United States.

The United States is the eighth country to be tested with this change, and it’s a small revolution for this country, which has a large base of users especially young people. In fact,  71% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 would use Instagram.

This change is that Users can still see who liked their own posts but viewers of a post will not be able to see the number of likes of the publication.

This deletion had already tested in May in some countries like Canada, Brazil or Australia, japan, italy.

With this change, Instagram wants to end this addiction to the likes of which many users of the application are victims.

it is a real quest against social anxiety and Instagram wants the app being a place people feel comfortable for expressing themselves.

for everybody can focus on the quality of photos and videos they share NOT how many Likes they get.

Those who will feel the difference is especially the influencers because Instagram is the network number 1 used to promote products.

 But for those who already have millions of followers like Kim Kardashian and his 151 million subscribers it should not change too much.

Other social media, take for example this, Twitter is considering removing the like button, YouTube recently decided to change the display of the number of subscribers to a channel by showing only rounded numbers.

For my opinion :  it’s such a fundamental change to the app. The change can being a place more comfortable for sharing what’s important to them without the fear of  number of Likes.

Hiding Likes is probably a win for the sanity of humanity This can help a lot of people, it would be very good for the mental health of people.

Everybody in instagram,  want to share a perfect life and want to pretend she look glamorous, A lot of people don’t know how to differentiate, they think it’s the real life but it’s not true. The real life is not a perfect body and a perfect house without problem. it’s different !  and can impact or body image or mental health

moreover viewers see how many likes friends’ or influencers’ posts have, and compare those to their number of Like and feel sad or angry it’s not normal behavior.

Putting an end to the popularity contest can make Instagram’s content more diverse, surprising or realistic.

But this can created problems : it’s a real problem for influencers the financial contributions of advertising on a post instagram depend of the number of likes.

 with this change, influencer marketing agencies must see the number of like only in a screenshots from creators for attribute  financial contributions,  and that could be Photoshopped so it’s a real problem for trust. so we can see also negative effects


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