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"My trip to Japan".

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My Trip to Japan,

I had the chance to travel to Japan during 12 days last April. I discovered Japan by reading manga and I can tell I was becoming more and more curious about that strange country through my reading .

Japan consists of four major islands: Hokkaido at the north, Honshu the biggest central island where are the most famous cities as Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo. Tow last Islands at the south which are Kyushu and Shikoku.

Tokyo has been a chock for me. It is a very modern city and at the same time you found very traditional building. New and old things are totally melt.

During those twelve days we discovered a very nice part of Japan. We Land in Osaka nearby Kyoto. We spent two days in Kyoto the Japan cultural capital with its temples and castles, then we went to Miyajima an Island in front of Hiroshima very famous for its great Tori built on the sea. After two days we went to Hakone, a mountain town at 1200 meters above Tokyo. There is a very big lake from where we can see the Mount Fuji. We had the exceptional chance to see it not hidden by clouds. We conclude our trip by four days in Tokyo, the Japanese capital.

The Suehirocho neighborhood in Tokyo is dedicated to electronic material, manga’s figurines, and electronic money games. It has a place I loved. Always in Tokyo, one evening we went to a Kabuki opera. A traditional Japanese show.

I loved a lot of things during my trip… Temples are numerous and are very nice places. Japanese venerate Buddha and other Shinto Gods related to nature. Temples are building which bring peace, the Zen gardens are places where you have just to look without thinking. In the Miyajima Island deers are leaving in freedom.


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