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Today, I’m going to deal with the notion of the idea of progress . To begin with ,i’ll give you my ideas about this concept. The progress is a meaningful term that has a significant importance nowadays. It’s the synonym of development , improvement , hope  and expectations  and it implies evolution and change . In other words , the idea of progress  is the theory that the different advances in technology, science, art and social organization can produce an improvement in the human condition .and throughout the history most of  the advances have been positive however the rhythm of progress seems to have accelerated over the last few decades and  the technological breakthroughs and scientific developments are causing  some people to question this progress and are doubting about the effects that it could have on , and this idea still debate between those who consider it’s beneficial and those for whom it’s harmful .so we can ask ourselves about the scale of this  phenomenon and about its consequences .

So progress is essential to evolve. History is made of progress and evolution that have allowed the world to be what it’s today. For instance thanks to advances in sciences, medicine has become much more accessible. After the ultrasounds, the scanners and the MRI , new inventions that are smaller but more efficient as the miniaturized capsular endoscope, allow the doctors to analyze every corner of our vital organs, without forgetting to mention the several cures for illnesses that save millions of people , we can note that some sicknesses have totally disappear like diphtheria , smallpox and poliomyelitis .Let’s also talk about cloning, that from a medical point of view would be a great step forward for the human condition. Concerning the technological progress , we can cite - new technologies to slow down climate change such as hybrid cars, wind turbines, solar panels, biofuel , or robots and automated productions . But above all , the most outstanding advances are in communication the mobile phone , the video games , the internet and the social networks  as facebook skype viber have turned upside down the social relations and transformed the world into a little village .It should however not be denied that this progress has also a dark side , for example, from an ethical point of view, cloning raises problems because destroying embryos and using them only for the purpose of research would be considered as unethical And about the new technologies in communication we can talk about   new phenomenon : addiction to these technologies , the Internet and social networks isolate people in a virtual world, it create a lack of human contact and some of them are completely disconnected from the real world. Moreover, recent studies show that the cell phones might have some effects on the human's health.

Let’s  now approach the social aspect of the progress. We can illustrate that through the evolution of black people’s rights in USA . This category of the society was living in really dreadful conditions  of life and work , they were living in a constant persecution ,maltreatment , segregation and discrimination . For decades, civil rights activists had been fighting these laws and social customs to secure equality for all Americans One of them was MLK , and his campaign dismantles the systemic racism that plagued the country, and makes the white and black people truly equal living in a environment of justice and peace Besides , we can talk about an other important progress , is that of the women’s rights .In the preceding centuries , the women weren’t considered a treated as an individual with his or her own needs, wishes and feelings but more as the men’s property . Women were naturally crowded out civil and political rights ,and were suffering from a lack of education that kept them for a long time in the dark . But , gradually their situation has significantly changed , because The second half of the twentieth century the women has the: right to contraception, divorce, right to dispose of their body, demand for professional equality, task sharing etc .. Unfortunately we’re not arrived to a perfect equality between the two sex , and it seems that progress still has to be made in so far as deep inequalities remain.


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