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I am going to speak about a subject connected to the notion " idea of progress " 

The idea of progress can be defined as the idea that the world and the society can evolve positively regarding sciences, regarding technology, modernization, living conditions, etc. So the progress is considered as an improvement, a change or a development technical scientific or social which contributes to make of the world a better place to live. However, the idea of progress is still debated between those who consider that it’s beneficial and those for whom it’s harmful.

can we say that progress is death ?




Since the beginning the man did not stop evolving. This can be observed as well at the level of a human life that in that of a civilization, or even a humanity.
Each time, the man took in charge of the discoveries, explored new tracks, and avoided multiple dangers.
Until now our (species) settled numerous missions. She learnt to master the language, the fire, the iron, the bronze, the writing, the energy, the technique. she survived the big epidemics and imagined processes to fight(dispute) them. She(it) diversified and adapted itself to all the reliefs, to all the climates. As our species evolves the limits imposed on us are little by little pushed away(repelled). 
Certainly we have evolved and will continue to do so but this progress is not without consequences.

Already our vision of progress is more like "modernize, produce more in a word to move forward no matter where.

But, this ideal of unlimited growth collides with the inescapable report today that the resources of the planet are limited, and that our lifestyle based on polluting and not renewable energies is not (sustainable). 

For example we destroy too much forest and at the same time provoke the disappearance of many species all this in order to build research centers, hotels or shopping centers ...

Our world today is based on technology, computers and the Internet which makes it very fragile because private information is now easy to steal.

If I mainly focused on the negative aspects of progress must not forget that our lives have improved thanks to the technology that has made significant progress in recent years. Also through the improvement of medicine we are now able to fight against many diseases. The human condition has improved: now we have rights, freedoms, and the place of women in society is changing gradually.

In conclusion, the concept of progress accompanied the great moments of history. It crosses and pushes the legacies and traditions, resulting in a wide variety of processes and evolution of resistance to change. Personally I do not think that we can directly associate the progress and death. It is the human misuse of the results of this progress or the ways that they use to progress which can lead to the death. Further progress means a change, while death corresponds to a stable state where nothing can change because there 's no more life.


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