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Discrimination in the working world

Étude de cas : Discrimination in the working world. Recherche parmi 286 000+ dissertations

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Discrimination in the working world.

The article with i choose to present, about the discrimination in working places, is naming « discrimination in the workplace : the public service concerned « .

It’s a document who speaks about discriminations during the recruitment in public service.

What type of discriminations workers can be victim at work ?

I organize my plan in 3 parts, the ethnic discrimination , the sociospatial discrimination and a last about measure taken to fight the discrimination .

In the first time, nowadays the ethnic discrimination is very high with the racism, but in work too it is  present, for give an example, from an study of four hundreds thousands potential candidates to hiring, get international origines reduce significantly chances of success .This discrimination, we can see in the article is too much high for the north african during tests of access to information.

Indeed, for the nurse’s job, there is a big difference between a person which is naming Laure and a person with is naming Anissa.

In the second time, the sociospatial segregation is very present, persons who live in sensitive urban area produce so called a negative and significative effect, which reject employers.

Moreover, parisians are advantaged on success probabilities of written tests its say in the article .

To finish, usually, tests to become civil servant are in Paris, which can penalize candidats which live far.

In the last time, a report was make to denounce disparities . Manuel Valls, in a release indicated that reforms will have adopted to fighting about this discrimination, like that schools of public service will be putting in place  plans of opening to the diversity, double the number of preparatory classes reserved to candidats from humble origins and that the government will act on every links of recruitment chain.

To conclude, this document inform us, after concrete studies, about different types of discriminations in work, with all the same, measures which be taken.

Personnaly, i think that it is necessary that measures be taken to fighting about discrimination , which should not take place to work, or elsewhere.


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