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Condition of women after and before the 60's

Cours : Condition of women after and before the 60's. Recherche parmi 248 000+ dissertations

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Today I’m going to talk about « myths and heroes»   that means is a strength or force exerted or capable of being exerted, power is synonym of might the can be exerted by justice or noble qualities.

The 60s was a great period of huge changes in all aspects of life, that’s why it is a mythical time. It was a time of social, technological revolution. It was also the time

of great changes for women, because women didn’t have a lot rights compared to men before then. We can consider it was the turning point in the liberalization of women.

To what extent did the women’s conditions in the 60’s evolve?

At first I will talk about women’s condition before the 60’s; and after we will see women’s conditions after the 60’s.

The vision of the woman of the 50s is an ideal vision. People have the vision of glamorous women and women looked feminine and pretty. (Marilyn Monroe for example…)  But in reality we mustn’t forget it was also the era of the captive wife when most were housebound housewives kept by a man.

Women didn’t have much right unfortunately. Being a woman in this period, was difficult, and hard because the women couldn’t study much and weren’t expected to. Therefore they had no qualification, no job, no careers, and no money as they didn’t have their bank account; they had to ask their husband for money.

In the 60’s women couldn’t abort because it was illegal and prohibited but also a divorced or not married woman were a disgrace whereas it was and not for a man. Divorced women risked to be rejected by the society.

Women and men didn’t have the same right and men had many more rights than women, women are restrained by the laws. For example: men could go in pubs to drink alcohol and women in the pub were considered as not quite responsible. Hardly any women drank alcohol. Moreover Men didn’t do housework (chores), no men changed babies while women made all the chores and shopping.

Conditions of the women after 60’s

After the 60’s women had more and more rights. It’s wonderful to see how the society turned. There was a modification thanks to new technologies and thanks to new laws, and there were innovations as creation oral contraception (pills) in 1957 that allowed more freedom. women could avoid pregnancy immediately,

For example: women could choose when they wanted to get a baby, or could have sex without being forced to marry after. So women had less risks to be rejected by society.

Greater equality between men and women started at that time, immediately, with a new right they can study, to have a good job and they could choose their life. And women stop depending on a man; and after 60’s is a big revolution time for women because women had more rights and they could drink, dance and flirt. They could even choose their husband.

To conclude: the 60’s marked a turning point for the status of women.

Women after the 60’s were more free thanks to the social revolution of the time, women had more rights and the inequality man and woman were reduced

Overture= in the 60’s music fashion… are changed  


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