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At present high school student, I prepare a vocational high school diploma accounting for the professional deprived secondary school for vocational training The Sacré Cœur to Béziers. I am to effect four weeks in the company Inter-Experts, 13 street Diderot 34500 Béziers, a Office Expert Accounting, with my master of intership Mrs. Tosolini, secretary-accountant. My intership it’s to undwind of the November 26th on December 22nd. My timetable was 12 past 8 am, 14 hours and 17 every day. There was no compulsory dress code.

The company possesses customer is very important wallet. He concerns highly varied business sectors (agricultural, medical, paramedical, BTP, craftsmen).

The customers of the office are situated in a majority way in Languedoc-Roussillon. But some are of the region Paris, of Bordeaux, of Nice.

During my intership I participated in diverse activities of the company, such as the recording of invoices, the declaration of TVA, the lettering of customer accounts receivable and suppliers, the check deposit or still the banking links.

Every morning I fetched the mail, and I recorded the mail to be sent.

The accounting office uses the ISA software counted and ISA GI, on which I worked.

I was able to discover the software of account ISA counted, very different from the software SKY which we use to the high school.

So, I was able to put into practice my theoretical knowledge acquired during my formation. I had the opportunity to realize several tasks which constituted a global mission of intership.

Afterward, I was able to notice for what we expected from a secretary-accountant in office: rigor, organization, efficiency, discretion and speed.

This intership allowed me thanks to Mrs Tosolini who took me to deepen my skills in accountancy.

I do not accont to follow my studies in the accontancy but rather in the secretariat because the job business by a secretary attracts me more that the job business by an accountant

Finally, I am anxious to express my satisfaction to have been able to work in good material conditions and a pleasant environment.


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