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Anglais: mythe et héros: Qui sont les héros de nos jours? Et quelles valeurs représentent-ils?

Fiche : Anglais: mythe et héros: Qui sont les héros de nos jours? Et quelles valeurs représentent-ils?. Recherche parmi 294 000+ dissertations

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To present the notion of « myth and hereo » I chosen to answer following both questions: « Who are the modern day heroes? And what values do they represent? »

The hereo realize incredible act and this is a person who have strong human condition. A lot of people to see their hero as examples for them.

To illustrate this point of view I chose to base myself on three document seen in class:

Oscar Pistorius


Julia Robert (said Erin Brockovich)

First we begin with Oscar Pistorius. He's a disabled athlete whose legs were amputated when he was a baby. Thanks to he artificial limbs he can run as an able bodied athletes. He's the firt amputee to compete in the olympics games. Oscar.P broke the world record in Athens and he won there more gold medals in Bejing. For him barriers never existed and he worked extremely hard to achieve this level. He pushed away the limits of the science by showing that with the work everything is possible. It's like that Pistorius entered into the legend but on February 14th everything collapses when that he kills his wife, Reeva Steemkanp. It is then for him the descent in the hell, the journalists speak about the "fall of an icone ". From now we can consider Oscar.P as an anti-hero because of this horrible act.

Then we are going to take the example of the firefighters which worked on September 11th after the terrorist attacks on the Twin Tower of the world Trade Centers in Manhattan. The firefighters helping the people who must have got hurt, injured in this attacks. They owed found had to find the wounded persons and stuck under them rubble. For them, it's a scene of chaos. This attacks showed as they brave the firefighters and how they risked their lives in order to save other people. The firefighters will always be seen as heroes of the everyday life because we always shall have need them

Julia Robert is the actress who played the role of E.B. The film based on the real story of a woman Which start from scratch and who fought againts a huge compagny in order to save her town and defend its inhabitants against injustice. She's described as a rebel and a fighter woman. Erin is with her boss and their team of lawyers and opposite they are PG & E lawyers. They are talking about money PG & E will have to pay in order to indemnify the victims of the water poisoning. She's disagrees with Mrs Sanchez because he don't want to make a much better offer. So To make them understand his disagreement Erin persuades that the water which he drinks is poisoned. Mister Sanchez stop drinking and leaves. It is thanks to that become an icon and a heroe

By way of conclusion, three example which have just been presented represente modern day hero because each of them show a great strength and determination to achieve their aim.


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