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Anglais lele The world of imagination

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The notion that I will present to you is “The world of imagination”.This is the ability to think about things that do not exist. The imagination is the function that the mind sees, it can be represented by concrete things, people or situations never experienced. Imaginary worlds are a recurrent theme in the imagination of men for a multitude of reasons: to try to understand the world around them, to criticize this world, to escape it, to flee it, or for the simple pleasure of creating , to modify. We find many of these reasons in the theater of the absurd.

To begin, I will speak about the term of Absurd:

The notion comes from Albert Camus, who defined it as man’s attempt to find purpose in a world which has neither order nor intelligibility. It is based on a form of existentialism according to which there is no God and Human beings come from nothingness and will go back to nothingness.

The literature of the absurd appeared in the second part of the 20th century, after world war II. It stems from the philosophical movement called existentialism, and the writings of Albert Camus. Existentialism, in other words, the human questioning his own existence, was a result of the senselessness and lack of purpose seen in the wars. This senselessness is the main element in the literature of Absurd.

So, We are going to ask ourselves : « how does the absurd allow us to understand the world around us and to criticize it ? »

We will answer the issue with the help of three documents.

Foremost, we have studied the Samuel Beckett’s play titled « Waiting for Godot » published in 1954, it’s her most popular work. Samuel Becktt was a Irish novelist, playwright and poet. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1969. « Waiting for Godot » is a typical Absurd play. The story is about two men : Vladimir and Estragon, they converse on various topics and reveal that they are waiting there for a man named Godot. This man who will never come promised them that he would come to the appointment ; without knowing exactly what it is supposed to bring them, it represents a hope for change. While waiting, the two friends try to find occupations.

Another quality of Absurd play, is the dialogue between characters which makes no sense that makes the viewer laugh and also the comic gesture and repetition. Indeed, this play contains some ingredients to create a memorable piece of theatre on the theme of the absurd.

Godot is a metaphor for life. We spend our lives waiting for a lot of things that will probably never happen. Finally, the two men bind a strong friendship while waiting for Godot. As if finally the friendship would help us to hold during our life

Afterward, Absurd literature has been and continues to be a tremendously influential and popular genre. To illustrate this, we have the “The Dumb Waiter” written by Harold Pinter in 1957.

Harold Pinter was a Nobel Prize winning British playwright, screenwriter director and actor. One of the most influential modern British dramatists,


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