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4 notions du bac anglais

Fiche : 4 notions du bac anglais. Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to present you the notion of myth and heroes.

There are two types of heroes, the real heroe like Chesley Sullenberger or fictive heroe like the superheroes for exemple.

A myth is a popular story about gods or heroes.

But what’s really a hero for us ?

We studied a video in class that talked about the word hero and his bad utilisation for many people who don’t deserve it like Michael phells for exemple or many others sportsman who boost their performance with substance.

In the video they do the difference between those false heroes and true heroes like Chesley Sullenberger.

Chesley is a national hero in U.S.A since he saved 155 person during a plane crash in new york in 2009.

He did a spectacular water landing into hudson river and people named him « the hudson’s hero »

Now i’m gonna talk about Martin luther king who is one of the most famous activist in U.S.A.
He was a leader in the civils rights mouvement.

I studied documents about his famous speech « I have a dream » during my middle school.

In this speech, Luther king calls for an end to racism and for fight in a non-violent way against inequality.

 We also studied this notion in spanish class with eva perron.

She was a political woman in spain and she’s considered like a hero for what she did for her nation.

Eva perron fought for the women’s right to vote and she created an association for poor people in 1948.

To conclude, Heroes are not someone with superpowers, but people who are courageous and put themselves at risk to help the community without expecting personal pain.

I’m going to present you the notion « places and forms of power »

First, i’ll give a definition of power.

The power is the ability to control others and to make things happen despite resistance or opposition.

There are 3 principal types of power in a constitution :

The legislative power, the executive power and the judicial power.
But We studied also the media power in class that is also an important power in our world.

The role of the media power is to get informate people about what happen in their country and all around the world.
But Unfortunately The media power is sometimes used by journalist to influence the tought of people who read or watch their information on TV or news papers.

For exemple, We studied in class with a video the case of Mr.Jefferies who was a victim of tabloïds.

He was the ideal suspects of the murder of Ms.Yeats so he was targeted by media.

His photograph has appeared eleven times in front of national newpapers and he was described as weird, strange, creepy and some others bad adjectives.

Medias ruined his reputation and his life for something he never did just to make money on his back.
We studied also the politic power in spanish with eva peron and general Franco who were two great name of history in spain but in two differents ways.

Eva peron was a politic woman is spain who fought for the women’s right to vote and created an association for poor people.

she’s considered like a hero for what she did for her nation.

Franco was also a politic man but after being the general of nationalist in the civil war in spain in 1936 he has been a dictator in spain during more than 30 years.

To conclude the power can be used to do good things as it can be used to do bad things and often the power is a way to manipulate people like toys.

I’m going to present you the notion « The idea of progress »

First, I’ll define what the progress is.
The progress is the evolution in term of amelioration of  technologie or knowledge.
We studied a futur technologie in class, more specificly a computer that you can have inside you.

It’s called « wereable computers ».

We said that this computer might be used in the futur to ameliorate our daily but there is also some possible problems with a technologie like that.

For exemple, like all computers it’s possible to have some technicaly disfunction and if it’s in your body it would can be very dangerous.

The U.S.A army recently invent an exoskeleton for his soldiers.

This exoskeleton give to the soldier more strenght and it’s resistant to the bullets to protect the one who wear it.

You can also get somes usefull informations with a possibility to communicate with your allies.

This armor of the futur is a big progress for the military power of now.

The progress can be also social.

For exemple, the fight for equality in U.S.A with martin Luther king in the 60’s.

Martin Luther king was a leader in the civils rights mouvements.


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