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13 reasons why

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This series was produced by BRIAN YORKEY and was diffused for the first time a thirty and one March two thousand seventeen on Netflix and it’s an American series.  It's a dramatic series with mystery.

(31 mars 2017)
She was shot in northern California during the summer two thousand sixteen. (2016)


Thirteen reasons why, tells the story of a schoolgirl, HANNAH BAKER, 17 years old.

In 13 tapes she will tell her story and why she decided to kill herself.

CLAY JENSEN a seventeen years old teenager receives a box containing seven tapes from one of her friends.  In each episode, Clay listens to a tape, Hannah denounces a person who has hurt him in each tape as Justin Foley, Jessica Davis, Alex , Tyler, Courtney, Marcus, Zach, Ryan, Sherry, Clay, Bryce … All these people hurt him.

Clay will try to discover the truth about the causes of Hannah's death.

The series shocked in several countries further to the scene of suicide in the episodes.

In France the series is not recommended at least sixteen years and in USA seventeen years.


This series analyses what Hannah is going through, but also addresses the subject of harassment in real life in a school.  


 I really like this series because it is not boring, because in each episode there are new mysteries despite the sad and tragic story. Hannah's story is tragic and intriguing  but there is a moral in history. I look forward to watching the second season the next season coming out on May 18th in Netflix.


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