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Why Movies Are So Popular?

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Why movies are so popular?

I think movies are popular because they allow people to escape their normal lives and for two hours they can become someone else. It’s a good distraction. Also because the seats are comfortable, we are plunged into darkness, there are many sounds and strong enough. Then coke and popcorn that are part of the film in some way, and go with friends for making some memories.

The cinema is like a new dimension because as soon as we enter, we forgot the stress and the exterior world.

Directly after the end of the movies, it’s funny to heard the reactions of the people: “It was so funny”-“It was not so good”-“I love this movie”,…


• I have never been to Australia

• They have written a letter

• School has not start yet

• I have already went to Miami

• He has cooked dinner


• I have been waiting for him all day

• He has been carrying a lot of heavy things

• They have been working the whole week

• She has been working there since August

• The kids have been watching too much the TV lately

Ce texte est en anglais, car nous devions le réaliser en cours d'anglais.

J'ai vécu un an aux Etats-Unis, et j'avais des cours à l'Université.


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