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12 years a slave

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1st scene: In the Park

Hamilton: Mr. Northup, good evening.

Solomon: Good evening, excuse me but do I know you?

Hamilton: I’m Hamilton Brown and I work on a circus spectacle in Washington . I’m searching distinguish individuals for the music show and I’ve heard that you are an expert violin player.

Solomon: That’s true but you’re being very overstating.

Hamilton: Solomon, I would really like you to come with me to Washington, I will pay you good money as well as the cost of the journey and it will be a short trip.

Solomon: Mmmm… you really have tempted me with that offer. Okay, I’m coming with you.

2nd scene: Getting out of the carriage

Hamilton: Welcome to Washington, Solomon.

3rd scene: In the restaurant

Hamilton: Solomon, 43 dollars, all yours

Solomon: Oh, thats too much money and its not the amount we agreed.

Hamilton: Please take it, it's been the most profitable week. Cheers.

Solomon: Cheers.

Hamilton: More wine?

Solomon: Please. Gentleman , your generosity is extraordinary.

Hamilton: And your talents are undeniable. To Solomon.

Solomon: Cheers.

4th scene: In a cage

Solomon: Where am I? Hello! is there anyone who can help me?

X: What’s happening here?

Solomon: Who are you and what am I doing here? Why am I handcuffed?

X: Cause you are a slave, that’s why.

Solomon: My name is Solomon Northup, I’m a free man, I have papers, a wife and a family.

and you have no right to detain me.

X: Oh really? So prove it, bring your papers...

Solomon: ...

X: You’re not a free man, you’re not from Saratoga, you’re just a runaway slave from Georgia.

X: You’re a slave! You’re a Georgian slave!

X: Are you a slave?

Solomon: No...

Solomon: Help! Help me.


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