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Lettre De Motivation : Gap Year

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Hello Mr ****, Minister of Education and work,

I'm Clara ****. I'm twenty and three and I live in Cambridge.

I'm now in a medical school. I will graduate next year. I always wanted to pactrice a medical profession.

I also have a passion for trips and an interest in humanitarian action. I have done some volunteering in France. And I will search for a job.

But before that I'd like to help very poor people and discover their culture.

During all my studies I have followed medical's Indian news and I'm still shocked about the living conditions and the poverty of nursing care.

I know you give grants to students for a gap year that's why I would like to apply for a grant to do a gap year in India. Over there I will treat sick children and help them to improve their lives.

I will work in the shanty town of Bombay. There are too many poor people and they don't have any money for treatment. I will be a volunteer and I will involved with the doctor volunteers equipment.

I want to do that because I realized that many of Indian's people need help and need to be treated. I think it's good for the world if volunteers like me go to developping countries.

It will also develop my communication skills because they don't speak the same language.

I will also develop my medical knowledge because they have other techniques over there. I will discover indian's medicine. I know they use plants, so I would like to learn to treat with plants and use them here. Moreover, they have differents manners to work.

It will also develop my skills to adapt to complicated situations and to manage many things the same time. They have means that are very limited so I will work with what they have.

I will be very organised because there will a lot of work.

It will be a good first professional expérience for my CV.

It will be very rewarding for me!

I wait your answer




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