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Myths and heroes : the Sixties in the UK

Dissertation : Myths and heroes : the Sixties in the UK. Recherche parmi 241 000+ dissertations

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Anglais Myths and Heroes


A myth is a famous story that generally cames from the fiction but it can be represented a decade, period or a particular event in the history and for an hero, an hero is the protagonist or a important character of a story (famous musician, good person etc...), after we explained the two notions, we can take the case of Sixties in UK for illustrate these two notions of myths and heroes and see why the Sixties was a social and cultural revolution for United Kingdom.


The Sixties made a contrast with the Fifties which was a dark period, the decade after the World War II, the colors black and white can illustrate the sadness of this period when the psychedelic and the drugs experiment (LSD and Marijuana) promoted by the "Hippie" movement brings a large choice of colors in the imagination of the people in the Sixties, the psychedelic art, clothes was popular.

The new rock bands like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles or popular events like Woodstock  encouraging the youth to make rebellion against the authorities, they are also tried to innovative the music in general, their particulars looks offended the conservative part of the country, the conservative accused these groups to corrupt the youth with bad ideas.

The youth was also against the Vietnam War, the horrors of this war shocked them, famous persons like John Lennon tried to transmitting to the British people a world with peace and freedom can be better.

The feminism and the liberation of women is a social advancement for theirs freedoms, the contraceptive pill and the abortion who was legalised, for the case of the fashion, the mini skirt was designed to participated to the liberation of women conditions, gave a new feminity to the women.


For conclude, we can say the Sixties is a cultural and social revolution in the United Kingdom and made a important contrast with the darkness of the Sixties, the youth who engaged a important rebellion against the society and the authorities, was influenced by popular rock bands and the "Hippie movement" who wants to change the vision of the world with feminism for the conditions of womens.


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