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The Idea Of Progress

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The idea of progress

The idea of progress concerns the notion that society can change in a good way in terms of science, technology, modernisation, democracy, life quality etc..

However the idea of progress still causes debates, some consider that it will be beneficial, and other harmful. And the text “India on the move”, we illustrate the concept of the idea of progress. This text shows a paradox. In a few years, India has gone through economic and social changes. The question that we can ask is why say that India is a country of contradiction?

Progress brings change, an evolution. But traditional norms are still present although new, more modern standards appear. India is a democratic country with 1.2 billion representing 17.5% of the world population.

First of all I will talk about the text that we have studied in class, which is an extract from The New York Times in 2009 and written by Anand Giridharas, an American journalist of Indian origin. This text illustrates perfectly the real situation in India. In it, the narrator decides to return to his homeland and describes all the changes that have taken lieu..Les changes are many, we can notice that the main economy is growing thanks to the proliferation of factories, industries, companies such as line 16 "Farms Giving way to factories" or a line 18 "companies buying out rivals abroad". We can also notice that the Indians had a change in their mentalitées "women Becoming breadwinners." Indeed, they now have the taste of freedom. They can now make their own choices, shaping their personality as they want and take over their destinies. The Indians do not need to leave their country for a fuller life.

Thanks to technical progress and renewal of equipment productivity, India is now one of the largest countries in the world. To further illustrate this "idea of progress" we can take the example of Sirisha who returned to India five years ago to create his Quislex company is located in Hyderabad. So thanks to the evolution of cities high-tech like Hyderabad, Bangalore Cyberabad and again that the Indian economy is the tenth in the world nominal domestic product (GDP). These cities are the main reason for the economic sector grew by 8% per year since 2004.

But while India has developed enormously, some tradition remains rooted in Indian civilisation. The document with the title "Girls of India disappear" is quite telling. India has a population composed of a majority of men. In 2011 it was estimated that there were nine hundred and forty (940) girls aged six and under a thousand boys. Every year (600,000) six hundred thousand girls disappear in India. The dowry system implies that girls give money to the boy's family, so it is financially more attractive to have a son. Therefore families trying to get rid of the girl by abortion or removal. In 18 year, there will be 10 millions brides missing.This phenomenon come from older generations and his name is on infanticide girls. So boys can take care of the family business of the parents when they are old and they can carry on the family name too. So for families to have a boy that's a good thought. That is why, in three generations, more than fifty million women have been selectively eliminated from the population of India through infanticide illegal failure.



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