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The Idea Of Progress

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The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change - a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place.

I'll talk about: The swinging sixties,

It's a euphoric decade in the history of the United Kingdom.

It was a period of optimism and a cultural revolution. There was famous music bands called « Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd » who are currently still popular.

It was an interesting and a difficult period because when the young raise some conflicts there was many protest movements. They manifested by the culture of hippies during the Woodstock Festival in 1969. It was a cheeky time. It was like a peace full revolution, in fields like : music, fashion, literature, cinema, art psychedelic…

With the phenomenon of the sixties, we can talk about the notion idea of progress. It's a movement which is moving, a development in different fields like: technical, scientific, social.

Released on 5th april 1996, the first document illustrate the progress of the society after the world war II. It becomes a consumer society with a technological improvements.

The left part illustrate the rapid changes of that time. Freedom.

The breaking of taboos concerning sex; girl were going out freely with young men.

Importance of music: "The Who» written on a man's tee-shirt. Young people were partying hard.

Wild clothes: a lot of bright, flashy colors and oversized sunglasses.

Use of illegal substances: drugs, weed. See the spiraling eyes of the party girl on the left the dazed expression of the man in the foreground.

The press: a paparazzo.

The right part illustrates the Establishment, the "traditional" London.

Bingo; a traditional game

The Houses of parliament with the famous Big-ben.

A bus

The Union Jack

Some horse guards with their bearskin hats.

Under the one-way sign, we can notice The Prime Minister of the Time : Harold Wilson smoking his pipe.

A conventional elderly couple in a car, looking bored.

At this time equally, The availability of the contraceptive pills came to symbolize a new freedom for women.

The laws of mode are changing, now the dresses are short with bright colours.

The housewives becomes more independants.

Gradually, womans impose their thought. Some womans makes that in a middle of man. Like Rita in Made in Dagenham

The second document, who represent the work revolution. The problems beging that before the 60's there was an important discrimination refers to wages between men and woman for equals jobs.



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