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The Idea Of Progress

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The idea of progress

As one goes along, our society evolves, she change. Certain persons see this evolution as being a positive thing but other person think that this evolution is bad for humans. Here, we speak about the evolution of the consumption. Now, we will try to answer to the following question: Are the new ways of consuming synonym with progress? On the one hand we will study the modes of consumption and on the other hand we will see for and against of this evolution.

To consume, there are several modes and for different things. For exemple, certain person want to go to shop for try their clothes and others buy on the internet because they don’t like to do the queue and because It is faster, that thus sets them less time like that. During the Black Friday, Stores are filled with people, we cannot move almost any more. Everybody is there at the same time that is why there is who buy on the Internet. On the internet, there is the bargains who is when people can buy almost any second-hand items on the internet like CDs, books, video games, clothes and still other things. They can pay by credit cards or paypal and cheque etc… A lot of person like this new design of consumption.

But, This progress can have positive points as negative points. On the one hand, many people like to go to shop for the contact with people and because we can meet other person who we don’t know and too because if nobody go to shop, There will be more and more jobs who shall disappear and that can irritate concerned people. Then, many people are afraid about the method of payment because we can be pirated when we put our information and our codes to pay and this can be dangerous. People are also afraid because the announcement can be a swindle and In this case, we never receive our article or then it is quite different thing that for what we asked the base. But on the other hand, this progress is fine because when we don’t have the time for do shopping, we can buy this in a few seconds and We are not obliged to move to have something if we cannot move. And the other positive point is that we do not need to do the queue during vague time.

To conclude, I think, the new ways of consumption are synonym of progress because they can help a lot of people and in my case I’m never disappointed when I buy on the internet But we should not deceive it because we can become addicted to shopping As shows it to us the document “shopaholic anonymous”. But, Certain persons are not in agreement with this. These persons make of the resistance. What is this shape of resistance?


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