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Le marketing mix de la marque Black sence (document en anglais)

Dissertations Gratuits : Le marketing mix de la marque Black sence (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 291 000+ dissertations

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Belissima is an famous Italian company of perfume and cosmetics business. We had the choice between two profiles for the brand future.

We have chosen the A profile because for us it is the most adapted now, we will justify our choice.

Firstly we will talk about the product. In first it is very important to find a catchy name for the brand.It must show the society’s wish to give an emotion, a feeling through this name.

We have chosen “BLACK SENSE” because the perfume must wake up our sense. The” BLACK” word shows very well the “elegance “ aspect of the product. More than it’s scent , the packaging must to be attractive and very elegant with some touch of carbon and steel.

The product is very luxury, so the price must be unattractive , because when you choose a fragrance, it’s a quality product. So the price must be at the height, that’s a pleasure product. Most of than materials used in the production of “BLACK SENCE” are very expensive, so the price follow this.

It must be discreet with some advertises here and there for famous celebrations. Communication must be adapted for kinds of customers searched. The promotional campaign has to be very efficient and touch our target with emotion. We have it through the creation of a “BLACK SENCE CLUB ” in the aim to create a community feeling, like “NESPRESSO” and the “CLUB NESPRESSO” This idea accentuates the elegant, and luxury aspect of the product.

The product must be sell in selected perfumes stores and in the official website of the brand. The product mustn’t be commercialised in supermarkets because it must keep a luxury character.

To conclude, we can say that we think the profile A is the best for the future of the company . The brand has to maintain her personality and don’t sell with low price product for everybody, we called this item “BLACK SENCE” according to the positioning of Belisssima brand.


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