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Is It Easy To Live Away From Our Roots And Our Culture?

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Traveling is a way to escape from the daily life. We can meet others cultures, civilizations … if we don't like the way of life we know that we come back home. But sometimes, we have just to leave our country and move in a other nation. With some luck, we can fit in the country quickly and just learn again who to live in this new society. Conversely, the country cannot correspond with us, and it's hard to rebuild ourselves. So, is it easy to live away from our roots and our cultures? In a first part, we'll see that's it's not so hard and in a second part, we'll see that we can meet lots of difficulties.

Since we were born, we learn a language, a culture, a way of life … It’s not easy but to be integrate in the society it’s a necessary step. Some people have to move in another country for several reasons: job transfer, war, curiosity … And sometimes, the change is a good thing because we can just learn a lot from different countries, and all the countries have something to bring us. We have just to learn again a way of life and integrated our new country. We have several cultures and it can just bring us only good things and we have a plus in the life than the others.

However, sometimes the change can be hard for some people who are not ready to change their way of life and their culture. They are hung at their roots and if they don’t do any effort and that can be hard for themselves and for those around them. They want at all costs keep their culture and they search a way to keep their habits in another country. They’re confused, lost and often lonely.

We can see that change our life can be easy or, inversely so hard. This depends on the personality of the one who moves, so to live away from our roots and our cultures can be just an opportunity to change their way of life for some and can be awful and disorienting for some. It’s a choice we have to do, not easy, and we have to ask ourselves if we can just leave our roots to discover a new culture or if we are too attached to our roots to leave our country.


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