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Samsung’s CEO & Vice-Chairman : Dr. Oh-Hyun Kwon


What’s Samsung?

Samsung is a Korean 100% subsidiary of the Samsung Group. In 2009, employs 187,800 people and is the 40th largest company in the world according to the Fortune Global. In 2012, its turnover amounted to 178.6 billion dollars, which the global leader in high-tech industry to groups such as IBM, Microsoft or Apple class.

The various activities:

-mobile: Mobile telephony has represented 26.64% of sales in 2012, with 406 million phones sold worldwide. Samsung ranked world number 1 to Nokia, with models such as the Galaxy s4 or Wave 33, and also first in regard to the sale of smartphones (20%) to Apple (19%) 201116

Samsung offers televisions, blu-ray players, wireless audio, smartphone, notebooks, home appliances as well as wide range of accessories

 What the origin of Samsung?

Samsung was formed in 1938 by Lee Byung-chull as a trading company based in Su-dong. The small company started as a grocery, trading goods produced in and around the city as well as its own noodles. The company grew and soon expanded to Seoul in 1947 but left once the Korean War broke out. After the war, Lee expanded into textiles and built the largest woollen mill in Korea.


In 1987 with the death of Lee Byung-chull, the Samsung group was separated in to four business groups leaving the Samsung Group with electronics, engineering, construction, and most high-tech products. Retail, food, chemicals, logistics, entertainment, paper, and telecom were spun out among the Shinsegae Group, CJ Group, and Hansol Group.


 Where is samsung products made?

Who sells samsung products ?

You can buy the products in Samsung's stores , stores of mobile telephony , and all other stores or supermarkets selling high-tech products.

What is the average Samsung salary?

65 000$ a year.

 Investments :

Samsung Electronics believes that its efficacy and success relies on its ability to create new business, products, and technology. As a result, the company places a heavy emphasis on future investments and patents. Samsung also believes in the power of constructive failures, recognizing that challenges often serve as a catalyst for strategic problem solving and innovation within the global marketplace. The company regards every challenge as an opportunity for knowledge building and growth. Through constant problem solving and creative technological innovations, Samsung Electronics is committed to creating a more sustainable future for the entire global community. 

How they strive to be a responsible business?

Focusing on Three Key Areas

As part of the 2012 reorganization, Samsung dissolved its Digital Media and Communications (DMC) sector and replaced it with two new, more specialized sectors: Consumer Electronics (CE) and IT & Mobile Communications (IM). Starting in 2013, Samsung Electronics’ organizational structure will center on the three sectors of CE, IM, and Device Solutions (DS). The reorganization allows for each business sector to make decisions more quickly and deal with global market changes more effectively. In addition, these structural reforms create models for success enterprise-wide. Going forward, Samsung’s TV and mobile phone divisions will serve as best practice examples for other internal sectors such as printers, cameras, networks, and medical equipment. The DS sector will continue to be run independently of other sectors to preserve its reputation for excellence among key stakeholder groups. Business Division Efficiencies Samsung also integrated its PC business into IM sector. The new arrangement demonstrates important foresight of key IT industry issues, namely a recognition of the blurring lines between PC and smartphone technologies. Similarly, the arrangement allows for increased collaboration between the PC business and the IM sector’s industry-leading capabilities in software and hardware production as well as marketing.To optimize organizational operation of its printer business, Samsung established a Printing Solution Business Division in 2012.

The newly-established Software Research Lab will serve as a hub for the company’s component software operations. It wil provide the education and training of the company’s software experts and develop next-generation software platforms and imbedded software programs.

This year they have:

 Lead the Global Market with Cutting-edge Technology & Quality Products Samsung Electronics sold more than 406 million mobile phones in 2012, securing a position as the global market leader with an overall share of 23.4%. Samsung also maintained its global market leader positions in other key product areas, including TVs, monitors, semiconductors and digital appliances. And will continue to lead the global market with cutting-edge technologies and quality products.


Ethical trading

 Samsung's philosophy is simple: devote human skills and technological resources to create products and services of quality to contribute to a better world.

Day after day, the staff puts this philosophy into practice. leaders seeking the best and brightest around the globe professionals and provide them with the resources they need to excel in their area of ​​expertise. Result: all of our products - from memory chips that help businesses store vital information, to mobile phones that connect people from one continent to another - are designed to improve the lives of users. This is their vision of a better world.


They are convinced that there can not have a successful business without strong values​​. Samsung, every decision they make is governed by a strict code of conduct and strong values​​.

-Human Resources


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