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Anglais utilisation de modaux

Dissertation : Anglais utilisation de modaux. Recherche parmi 260 000+ dissertations

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Kryvaya Katsia

In the first place, we observe on the video  that the chairperson speeking about the agenda. The  agenda must be sent to each participant to the meeting.  She asks if all participants received the agenda. And it is from this moment that  everything begins badly.                                                                                                  One of the participants needed to answer on the phone which ringing hardly.  He must have gone out and asked the permission for answer.  All the persons have to swith of their phone or put it on « silent mode » during the meeting.  We observe that the chairman shouldn’t  start with greetings to all participants ant introduce them if they don’t know each other.  Also, she must have introduce principals key items but she didn’t do it. We can do an important remark, that  in genaral rules shouldn’t have respected during the meeting.

The chairwomen should be more organized and stricter also during the progress of the meeting.  In order that everybody listens to her, she should have be up when she begins.  I advise her in the first place to revise her method for the organisation. She should be using the 4 Key Elements method to organise meetings. This method is going to be able to help her before, during and after the meeting. The 4 Key Elements are : Prepare, Communicate, Facilitate and WrapUp.

All the participants don’t have to use their phone during the meeting. Allowing exception and urgency ! Ask permission to do it.

All the participants mustn’t interrupt of those who speak. If they would like to express themselves, they have to raise the hand.

They must be polite.

They shouldn’t arrive late like a tourists !



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