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Anglais, analyse de la musique de Jay-z.

Dissertation : Anglais, analyse de la musique de Jay-z.. Recherche parmi 260 000+ dissertations

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With "Empire State of Mind" Jay-Z made an obvious allusion to the Empire State Building, one of the symbols of New York, one of the marks of its skyline and a must visit place. The skyscraper was built in the early 1930s, at the height of the Depression, in an Art Deco style. Peaking at over 380 meters, it again became the tallest building of the city after the 2001 attacks against the World Trade Center (3rd US behind the Willis and Trump Towers in Chicago). Jay-Z therefore chooses to describe his "mindset" in making us visit New York by taking the height while remaining "hood" and keeping your feet on the asphalt ... Two songs in different styles have probably inspired the choice of title, Billy Joel "New York State of Mind" and Nas (despite the "diss" that have been famous both MC) "New York State of Mind", a song produced by DJ Premier.


Empire State of Mind" could therefore be only a song about New York, arguably one of the cities that has most inspired musicians (and filmmakers). Yet it is a great success that is as much due to the personality of the performer to the fact that she speaks to New Yorkers and the rest of the world. When he travels with us "his" New York, Shawne Carter aka Jay-Z also tells us about one of the most famous cities and the most loved in the world. More than 40 million tourists visit the city in effect each year. Apart from Staten Island, Jay-Z takes us through all the boroughs of the city. so we can say that it gives a positive image of New York, because it is in this city that anything can happen.


Through the words of the song, Jay-Z paid tribute to "his" city, New York. Jay-Z is precisely from Brooklyn and he tells in Empire State of mind how he rose through the ranks to get where he is today. The song is full of references to New York neighborhoods and other famous personalities of the city, including Frank Sinatra and Robert De Niro. Adolescence is mostly occupied by the deal crack. The song says that he bought in Harlem for sale in Marcy.


To begin with, I'll say that the American Dream is characterized by the idea of an America full of promises ans very attractive. It lets people think that anybody living in America, thanks to courage, work and determination, can succeed. People can start from scratch and make fortunes. Foreigners came to America to begin a new and better life. The song I chose,Empire State of Mind, interpreted by Jay-z and ,alicia keys was played for the first time in 2001,she talk about New York. It summarizes the vision that the majority of people had of the country. This song praised new york, described as a land of opportunity and also plenty. The American Dream appears to be more and more questioned. It becomes increasingly a myth. That's what worries Barack Obama, in his speech on Economic Mobility dated the fourth of December 2013. According to him, The American dream is in danger of becoming a myth, not a reality. Indeed, today the US economy is characterized by rising inequalities and social stasis. It is more difficult for the lower class to climbing the ladder. As Obama said in a interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2012, « The American Dream is slipping away ». The fact that it is the president himself that has called into question the American Dream, the founding myth of the


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