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Lettre de motivation anglais

Cours : Lettre de motivation anglais. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Subject: application for a human resources’ training from the May 1st to July 15th of 2019

        Dear Mrs. Miller,

I am writing in response in a training offer currently listed on your website. Please accept this letter as request for the Assistant to Human Resources Manager position. My CV is attached for your consideration.

As you can see from my enclosed CV, I have recently completed my first year of DUT GEA (Two years university diploma of Companies’ and Administrations’ Management) in University Paris 13. Currently in the second year specialized in Human Resources, I’m searching a training in this field to finalize my studies and to obtain my diploma.

My two years of university course gave me the opportunity to learn many things about the human resources, staff management, payroll management and many other things concerning this field. My knowledges will allow me to put into practice all of achievements, and I will realize all of the tasks that will be proposed to me.

Meanwhile I have had one training which helped me to reinvest my knowledge in a recruiting company in which I held the position of loaded of Human Resources development. Other experiences have made me more responsible.

In addition, this post will be an opportunity for me to develop my skills.

I would describe myself as a persistent person. I always try to do what I must do. I also think that I am patient and methodical which is very important to do good things and know where you are in a task. That’s why I have ability to multi-tasks.

Moreover, you can count on my serious when it comes to my work. So, I am determined and motivated. Besides, people considers me as a mature and responsible person.

I am available and I would be pleased to meet you to explain in detail the nature of my motivations and to speak to you about my application in more detail in person.

Yours sincerely


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