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Lettre de motivation, anglais

Lettre type : Lettre de motivation, anglais. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Alexandre TACHON

31, rue des Iris

59630 Brouckerque, France

Mobile: (+33) 6 99 18 93 69  




19 rue du Puits Romain,                

   Bertrange, Luxembourg

             Brouckerque, 22th of January, 2017


Subject: Internship request

Dear Miss DEVOS,  

I am a student in a two years course in International Trade in France. During my training, I am required to do an eight-week work experience placement in client prospection in foreign company. This internship will be from 1st May to 30th June 2017.  

I am really motivated to work in a company like yours. This will allow me to develop my experience in canvassing but also to prove that I can bring dynamism in a team. So that is why I am contacting your firm whose sector corresponds to my expectations. I would be honored to improve my knowledge by integrating your team as an intern.

In return, I would learn from this internship and develop my English which will give me better abilities in a future career. I will be present and conscientious with the tasks that you will entrust me with. In this work experience placement, I am looking for the possibility to acquire a lot of knowledge and also learn to work in the professional world.  

I visited your website and I am convinced that your company would be perfect for this internship. I am very interested in working in your company as an intern and I would gladly receive any advice, comment and offer you may have I look forward to your reply.  


Alexandre TACHON


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