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November 14, 2012

Rich Products Inc.

Bakery Division

New York-Buffalo, USA

RE: applying for work experience

Ref: CBA/J3I02T

Dear Sir,

For my diploma, it is essential to have work experience in American firm.

I am hoping to work for an international firm and would be particularly pleased to have some training in your firm which keeps developing.

I am following a Master in Bank and Finance, a four months experience period is a compulsory part of my course,

I read with great interest that Rich Products Inc. is looking for a product marketing internship in your Bakery Division to join your team.

I think that I have just the experience that you have looking for.

With my diploma in Management and my master in Finance and through my different experiences I am confident that I could be an added value within your team.

Moreover, with my last job as Commercial Assistant I had responsibilities include marketing and sales, I was in charge of management strategic and the organization and representation of the various meetings with the team and the customers.

Furthermore, my various internship allowed me to developer my competence in marketing, finance and international business.

I am hoping to work for a big international American firm and would be particularly pleased to have some training in your firm.

I would like to gain as much insight as possible into international commerce.

A placement in your firm would enable me to complete my education and perfect my English.

Work experience in your company would allow me to gain the knowledge of international business practice which I need.

I will do my utmost to give you satisfaction.

I would appreciate the chance to meet you in person to discuss in further details about my personal aptitudes.

Thanks to taking the time to review my qualification.



PS: please find my Curriculum Vitae.


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