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Rapport de stage, Le Mas De Pierre

Rapport de stage : Rapport de stage, Le Mas De Pierre. Recherche parmi 291 000+ dissertations

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As to a pre-master student of Institue Vatel, I highly appreciate that I have a chance to spend my first internship after 5 months study in hotel management. I started my internship from March 30th to August 30th in “Le Mas De Pierre” which is located in south part of France, Saint Paul de Vence. It’s really a valuable and wonderful experience. The purpose of this internship is to let us have a close look at how a real hotel operates, I worked in 2 departments, restaurant and cuisine, 2 months and a half in restaurant and another 2 months and a half in cuisine, both of these 2 departments are the most important ones in hotel industry. Compared with my 6 practical weeks in school hotel, it’s a more realistic which gave me more challenges and benefited me the great improvement in communication and cooperation with my colleagues. Most of them are very professional; I admire their skills and devotion to the work. Another aim of this internship is that I can apply what I learned in school to practice. For example, the knowledge of wine does good to my work when I work in restaurant. In a word, this internship enabled me to manage a lot of things which I think it’s impossible for me to accomplish before.


As we all know, the aim of an internship is to learn as much as you can. As to me, before I came to study in Institue Vatel, I never work in hotel and study something related to this area. Therefore, the 5 months study is the good basis of my theory knowledge. I learned many useful curriculums such as Look and Behavior, Hotel Environment, World Wine and Nutrition, which helped me a lot in my training period; hence, the second goal of this training period is to apply theories to practices. Because theories can only instruct you in some typical situations, you can never predict what will happen in you work and normally the situations are much complicated, every day I have to face different people from different countries with different personalities, I should implement all that I learned to solve different problems comprehensively. In this way, I can say confidently I’ve fully commanded what I learned in school. Service is the core in the hotel industry, it cannot avoid communicating or in other word, languages, and hotel industry is always connected to tourism industries, people from different part of world whose mother languages are different from each other and probably not every clients I met can speak perfect English. For this reason, it’s obvious that communication skill is vital. So the third aim of this training period is to improve my communication skill. It includes both verbal languages and body languages. And it not only contains the communications with clients but also with all the personnel. As an oversea student, in order to serve a great number of French speakers, French is a necessity, though I have already learnt some French in school which is very limited, after this internship I have made great progress in French.


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