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Letter of self introduction

Mémoire : Letter of self introduction. Recherche parmi 226 000+ dissertations

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The way I played when I was a little child always intrigued and amused my parents; Whereas other children played normal games I used to plan small programs for my dolls organising their parties, birthdays and medical consultations with my imaginary doctors.

As time passed by I was growing up and my dolls turned into real people, I started to organize small events with family or friends, and initiate and suggest a whole plan considering every little detail such as whether for example, when it takes place in winter I would think of umbrellas in case it rains and during summer I privilege hats and sunglasses. My personality was forged early on, I had an original character and a strong personality which made me stand out from my peers. My passion for the planning and, management in an early age made my orientations for the logistics field appear after my seventeen when I knew there was a discipline related to my personal side.

I pursued economic studies in Morocco, since logistics is a specialty that can only be chosen after the high school completion, which is not a negative thing, hence having economics as a background helped me considerably after.

I integrated the International University of Rabat in 2014 because it’s a prestigious university here and has included logistics in their taught programs. Consequently I attended the classes where I learned interesting things and absorbed every single information with thirst, I insisted to know more and I have always been motivated during the courses. I used to propose myself many times for researches and suggested to present them in front of all the students to improve my communication skills, hence seeking a specialized master in this sector with confidence. When I made my final decision on continuing my studies and do my master, the country in question was not hard to choose..

I remember my first contact with Korea, it was during a pyjama party with my girlfriends, one of them put a Korean Drama she was following, I recall a scene from that episode very well, It showed a little girl grabbing her grandfather by the hand and walking around with him, expressing the love she had for him and reassuring that she will always be there for him and that even if one day he’s not able to walk anymore, she would still carry him on her back and make the same stroll with him. I was very moved by this scene ... Since then, Korean movies, and Dramas especially, interested me greatly, because I was impressed how powerful and profound the messages conveyed through their acting were.

Moreover, their culture, very different from ours, was intriguing and attracting me, their way of speaking, dressing, and even their food became a passion. I appreciated their love for their nation and their respect for the elders ... and the list goes on, I probably like everything about korea. Going there only for holidays became a dream for the past 3 years up to now, I unfortunately only had the opportunity to visit both Thailand and Malaysia, It was delightful, but It wasn’t enough to satiate my passion.

However, after watching a show on the Moroccan television that was discussing logistics in Asia, It was the start of an ambitious dream. Indeed, what was more fascinating about the Program is that Korea is among the countries with the best masters in logistics! It was then when I thought to myself, my master will be in Korea.



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