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Рreparation simulation erasmus se presenter face a son manager

Lettre type : Рreparation simulation erasmus se presenter face a son manager. Recherche parmi 236 000+ dissertations

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My target is to show to my manager that I can be a good trainee for his company and I can be also very proactive, and welcoming people with a smile.

I can also use my skills to improve my work as an Assistant Manager and my knowledge in English.



Identitaire : engage l’image de soi (se montrer plus formel, professionnel)

Influence : cherche à influencer l’autre afin de le faire adhérer à son point de vue, d’obtenir la réalisation d’un travail… (Essayer de convaincre le manager que l’on répond à ses attentes)

Relationnel : Entrer en relation avec autrui. L’enjeu est donc de réussir la communication, notamment en respectant un cadre de référence. (Essayer de se mettre dans la peau du manager ou bien d’avoir une bonne communication très professionnelle avec le manager

 Territorial : Préserver son espace de travail.

Identitaire : Montrer une bonne image de soi et de son entreprise

I must to be smiling , welcoming , be wearing very professional and take notes on my computer.

Good morning, my name is Ramya and I am 20 years old, I am a student in BTS Assistant manager ( A two year postgraduate degree in Administration) at the Lycee Technologique Uruguay-France Avon.

First of all I will talk about my experience as a trainee.

I have been working for an internship in different place first as a receptionist and a secretary.

I can be welcoming visitors, helped in writing cover letter and curriculum vitae for job-seekers I can also do administrative tasks and phone calls and finally can do general basic translation.

I am very good at building relationships with other people and it is why I am here today in front of you.

I am always very active and I am looking for something new to do,  to learn more and to improve communication with the stuff.

To do an internship as an assistant Manager it would be a strong motivation.

I would like to discover a new culture to see the different tasks in a foreign country and to see how they work compared to France.

Sometimes to have a partner can improve for example our project for the company.

Thanks, you so much for your listening. If your have questions do not hesitate to ask me.


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