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Explication du rôle et les comportements du directeur des opérations pour aborder les principaux aspects de la qualité de service (document en anglais)

Discours : Explication du rôle et les comportements du directeur des opérations pour aborder les principaux aspects de la qualité de service (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 274 000+ dissertations

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Explain the role and behaviors of the operations manager in addressing the major aspects of service quality. Please provide examples.

A good operatons manager will understand that it boils down how the customer views customer service. If there experience is good and the company meet the needs/expectations then the customer will rate that company as a better service provider. There are five different elements: Reliability which is following through with what you advertise and promise (consistantly) to the customer. Responsiveness is not using the words "that's not my job" but instead "how can I help you" even if its not really your job. Assurance is doing your job with confidence and relaying the confidence message to your customer. Tangibles is simply providing the goods and Empathy which is making yourself (and the company) approachable or be friendly and accessible. The Winn Dixie grocery stores are a prime example of that. They are making major changes in the way they do business and they way they look at their customers. They are now following through with their low cost food shopping promises, they make sure that if you cannot find something in the store someone will help you look for it. They are now offering tangible incentives such as discounts on gas programs and have changed their customer service to become a more friendly place to shop.

Let's go deeper with thinking about the costs of quality.

Learners, what are the four specific costs categorizations discussed by our text authors? Take a look at this website and pick a product that has had quality issues:

Can you apply each of these costs to one of these products?

The four specific cost categorizations are Prevention costs, Appraisal costs, Internal failure and External costs.

Prevention costs are associated with training or quality improvement programs design to reduce cost associated with defective parts or services

Appraisal costs includes testing, labs and inspectors designed to evaluating products, processes, parts, and services

Internal failures are based on costs that come from “production of defective parts or services before delivery to customers” (Render 192).

External costs: costs that occur after delivery of defective parts or services (e.g., rework, returned goods, liabilities, lost goodwill, costs to society). I looked at the vehicle recall on and most of them were external cost, because there were discovered after the vehicles on the road. Example Recall from General Motors on Cadillac SRX vehicles manufactured between May 29, 2012, through February 18, 2013.


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