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A quoi ressemble la guerre? (document en anglais)

Discours : A quoi ressemble la guerre? (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 236 000+ dissertations

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Never could I have imagined how horrible things are getting here. Newspapers and magazines often tend to distort the truth, giving us an idealistic and consequently wrong vision of the war. Humankind is definitely verging on monstrosity. Beastliness, absurdity and nonsense prevail over humanity itself. Men have turned into beast, or shall I say robots, whose unique goal is to kill the enemy. Drunk with despair, not only are soldiers unable to walk anymore but it is also merely impossible for them to talk. Formerly down-hearted, they have now lost all reason, feelings and emotions. Buried alive in the trenches, they’re just shooting at whatever faces them, regardless of its nature. The gesture has become mechanical and natural. Blood is shedding everywhere and the stench of death is increasingly overwhelming. How could anyone survive here any longer? How can we turn a blind eye to such a tremendous disaster? Wives and daughters are being raped to feed the disgusting appetite of men enjoying an ultimate dirty pleasure before passing away. The death toll is skyrocketing, yet it seems absolutely justified : “ That’s what war looks like”. Then I must admit that I would rather go blind than look at it : a gruesome face, shameful for our countries, children and history. Everything has been burnt to ashes due to the shells ; covering trees, plants and life itself in dust. Bodies are rotting on a poisoned ground, wheezing a final puff of gas. Souls are saying their farewells to hell, already dreaming of heaven. It is a real sight for sore eyes. Scientific and technical progress has gotten us here : a meaningless world drawing to an end. Yesterday has gone forever my friends.


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