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Rapport de stage, psychiatrie

Rapport de stage : Rapport de stage, psychiatrie. Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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Considering that mental illness does not mean total intellectual disability,

Considering that a psychiatric patient can be healed and can be integrated in the society even in socio-professional milieu,

Considering the aims of the congregation of brothers of charity whom leads saint Vincent de Paul psychiatric hospital of Yamoussoukro that resume in the recovering of the dignity of the patient as created in God’s image and his likeness and his rehabilitation in socio-professional milieu,

Considering the target of the rehabilitation service as integrated part of sociotherapy department of Saint Vincent de Paul psychiatric hospital, which resumes in three (3) main lines:

  1. To increase the optional so that the patient may choose himself where he wants to live, which kind of job he like doing in order to assure his own independent,
  2. To help the patients being attended by psychiatric disability for a long period to perform their functioning, then to allow them to enjoy life within an environment chosen by themselves by keeping a minimum intervention level.
  3. To lead the psychiatric patients to find back their autonomous.  

So to reach that target, our service has to help the patient to write a further perspective as kind of life project after his hospitalization. It is in this logic that more than 50% suggest to cope with agricultural and breeding in order to insure their own independence.

After being noted that those 50% of patients who write this project come from poorest families and then they cannot find by themselves the means which can help them to realize their own expectation. So faithful to our mission defined in a clear way in the aims of our service, we decide to promote that project in order to help our clients to fulfill their expectations so that they may feel human being who have their place in human society.


The name that we have given to our project is: Agricultural and breeding project mean of socio-professional reintegration of psychiatric patients followed by Saint Vincent de Paul psychiatric hospital


Yamoussoukro town where Saint Vincent de Paul is located is honoured to welcome that project. Indeed Yamoussoukro itself is in lakes Region in the center of Ivory Coast.


That project is submitted by rehabilitation service of Yamoussoukro’s psychiatric hospital saint Vincent de Paul. It is important to know that, this hospital is leaded by the religious Congregation of Brothers of Charity.

P.Box 2473-yamoussoukro, cel. +22544359399 or +22508712560



That project is coordinated by the rehabilitation service’s chairman who is Bro. Stanislas Maximilien NDIGUISSI brother of charity.


That agricultural and breeding project concerns market garden and maize culture; chicken, goat, pigs, sheep, rabbits breeding.


The group of people who is concerned by that project is chronic psychiatric patients who are followed by Saint Vincent de Paul psychiatric hospital.


The total cost of that project is estimated at Fcfa (local currency) 4.540950 be €6777 or $US11353. According to today rate on June, 21st 2011.


We request from you $US1740


According to our study, we plan to set that project going on during three (3) months which follow its adoption. So after two years, we can get the outcome from this project. We mean from 2011 to 2013. And then we can prevent new investment from that outcome in accordance to the need of that moment.


We plan to start in official way our project from July, 31st 2011.


Until now we try to interest GAAP (Global Action Against Poverty) with our project, so you may be  get the third parties to our project a part from saint Vincent de Paul psychiatric hospital.


In the past, such initiative took place in the hospital, but only as alimentary self sufficient mean of the patients and brothers who are leading the hospital and the result was positive, that is now we inherit from that former initiative fifteen goats. It stopped because of lack of following up. We don’t have any documents which can show us more about the main challenge that they faced and how they coped with that challenge.

But according to our investigation, we find that the big challenge that we are going to face is the pipe, we are still working on to find the proper way to cope with it.


Through that project we willingness to face together as rehabilitation service with our patients the big challenge linked to their social-professional integration in the society. So, we would like to empower them to participate in full way as members of human society to the community fighting against poverty and famine. So to reach that goal we engage to make independence within three (3) months or six (6) months the patients who are involved in that project. That is way, we decide from the patients’ proposal project to put in value 4ha of hospital’s land favorable to agriculture and breeding in order to fulfill two (2) appropriate intermediate objectives:

  1. Training center in conduct and project management and in market garden and breeding technical in practical way
  2. To answer to alimentary needs in vegetable and meet which take 75% of hospital spending and then we would like until the end of this current year to find solution to this need at least at 40% and 75%next year.


As we have underlined in the project title, the chronic psychiatrics patients taken in charge by Saint Vincent de Paul psychiatric hospital are the main concerned of this project. Then to lead in good way our project we need:

1 technician in breeding who is already available among the patients

1 assistant technician in breeding already available among the patient

2 gardeners: one as a regular gardener already available employed by the hospital and another one can be called time to time if we are in need.


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