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Market Survey Report - BSc in International Business

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ear 2 Market Survey Report - BSc in International Business


Based on your current and growing knowledge of the market in which you are doing your second year abroad, identify a European product, service or company that you feel may be attractive to the local market. The product or service that you choose must be linked to, or promoting, sustainable development, protection of the environment or healthier living.


You currently work in the European company of your choice. This company decides to export one of its products or services to the country in which you are doing your year abroad. You have been given the job of carrying out a market survey in preparation to introduce the product or service onto your host country market.

Firstly, present the product or service and the company that sells it.

Secondly, study the consumer needs with regard to this type of product or service in your host country as well as benchmarking any potential direct or indirect competitors.

Finally, define the necessary modifications that the product or service would need to undergo in order to correspond to local consumer needs. Present a complete marketing plan including distribution channels, communication, marketing-mix etc.


This is a real-life case for which ground work is necessary (interviews and documentation research).

The report should be 18-20 pages long and written in English (1,5 spacing using font size 11).

The presentation of the product or service should constitute no more than 25% of the total report (5 pages), the consumer needs in relation to the specificities of the

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