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Sexual harassment in the workplace

Dissertation : Sexual harassment in the workplace. Recherche parmi 234 000+ dissertations

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Why did we chose to research this topic ?

We wanted to present you a hard topic which may seem taboo in our society, but is real and globally present, especially in our country: “Sexual harassment among the employees and strategies of its eliminating”.

We chose this topic because as future members of a company, we are concerned and It’s important to prevent and educate others on the subject, whether they are men or women.

Purpose :

The purpose of this presentation is to show you in which forms we can find sexual harassment in the work place and to suggest solutions to put an end to it.

I. Introduction:

Sexual harassment in the workplace refers to an verbal or physical act with a sexual nature, performed in recruitment or in the workplace by a boss, manager, employee, client or customer of a working unit, that is unwelcomed by the person receiving it and has caused the person to feel violated, insulted, and being in an unbearable hostile environment. In this research we are going to answer a serie of questions, suggest how enterprises should put in place prevention strategies, and what role should the HR play.

The main questions we are going to answer are :

o are the beliefs, traditions and patriarchal culture have something to do with it ?

o does women think its their fault if they’re annoyed and attacked (by her boss, manager, colleague..) because of their behavior or considered to be provocative ?

o Are the females the only gender affected by sexual harassment ?

 II. What to do with sexual harassment in daily working life:

Sexual harassment is a gender-neutral offense, at least in theory: Men can sexually harass women, and women can sexually harass men. However, statistics show that the overwhelming majority of sexual harassment claims are brought by women claiming that they were sexually harassed by men.

According to studies conducted in Canada, there are 43% of women who say they’ve been sexually harassed at work against 12%. The percentage of women sexually harassed at work is 3 times higher than the men’s one.

This issue eliminate your employees sense of safety and comfort at work. The damage caused can be lifelong and forever tarnish otherwise positive memories and experiences. Too often, sexual harassment is a threat to employee wellbeing that is overlooked, and as an employer or an HR manager, you have a responsibility to ensure your employees are safe from these kinds of threats. Unfortunately, sexual harassment can come in many forms, making it difficult to respond to and handle.some exemples are:

• A supervisor implies to an employee she must sleep with him to keep a job.

• For a superior, using abusive touching towards female employees.

• A secretary's coworkers belittle her and refer to her by sexist or demeaning terms.

• Several employees post sexually explicit jokes on an office intranet


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