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Idée de Progrès

Dissertation : Idée de Progrès. Recherche parmi 245 000+ dissertations

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The idea of progress

Problem: Modernity and tradition in Britain


1- The contrast between tradition and modernity in Britain

2- Are tradition an obstacle to change?


Hello, the notion I am going to deal with is the idea of progress. To my mind the progress is the adaptation to a better and new way of life. So we could be interested in the modernity and tradition in Britain. In my first part I am going to underline the contrast between tradition and modernity in Britain and secondly I’m going to see if tradition are an obstacle to change.

  1. The contrast between tradition and modernity in Britain

 - The heritage history: the monarchy, what britain really wants ?

everybody now the english’s attachement about the queen and the royal family, but some problems with the royal family appared in the end of the 90’s, when Diana and Charles divorced. During this periode lot of people talk about the real interrest of the royal family, even if more than 75% think the royal family is important, the debate about the possible succecion between Charles and Willam was important.

- The importance of tradition in everyday life, a sporting nation, traditional sport like football, rugby…

-Football, the six nation championship

- Population mix, cosmopolitain cities like london, lot of special communities neighbourhood like chinatown, the multi-kulti fetival, for example latino carnaval, brazilian party with samba, reggae from jamaica

- London is a very cosmopolitain city, we can see the contrast between the different neighborhoods. Some historic districts like Westminster or more modern districts like the city or camden town.

Transition : So, tradition are really imortant in great britain, the tradition in the power with the royal family and the evreyday tradition like in the sport or multiculturalism but this tradition are they an obstacle to change?

  1. are tradition an obstacle to change?

- Black Britons, difficulties about the adaptation, work for a better integration, black Britons suffer of racism, the don’t feel like real Britain people but more feel citizen of their original country because they have difficulties to identify their selves in the Britain traditions.

- Problems about education, the prices are too high sometimes more than 9000 pound the year in a university, the students protest, lot of demonstrators’ protest these problems, the poor people can’t go at school and the have lot of difficulties to integrate their selves because they don’t benefit of good school education


To conclude, the way Britain has changed an evolved over the years is closely linked to its history and traditions, but also the exchanges developed over the year between all the communities have contributed to making it the cosmopolitan, a modern society it now is. In fact, the identity of Britain today is bases on a balance between its traditions and its ability to modernize an adapt to the challenges.


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