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Being a teen in 2017

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The Struggles of Being a Teen in 2107

Being a teen in 2017 isn't easy. As the years fly, people also have to, whether it's by the hard or easy way, teens don't have the easiest life these days. Which furthermore, every teen needs to be perfect, likes are a big part of their lives and finally, they need to be confident about themselves.

In 2017, every teen needs to be perfect, such as being beautiful, smart, fit and even more. First, nowadays in society, teens often use the word “goals” to describe something that is perfect, something that everyone wished they have. Whether it's body goals, food goals, friendship goals, relationship goals or even up to life goals, all teens must have the above to be respected in general, it's crazy. The second part of being perfect is your clothing, it needs to be outstanding. The worst part of this “rule” is that everyone has their own style but teens are so judgemental and so if one doesn't like it, you're easily judge. The third and last main part of being a perfect teen is what people watch the most, your body, your physic. As a teen, you can't be overweight or too skinny, too tall or too small. It gets so complicated for teens to live in their body because of all of these expectations. All in all, for a teen to be perfect, you have to be all of the above which means that you can't really be yourself, you basically have to live for others, it's terrible.

Another difficult part of the job of being a teen in 2017 is about the amount of likes on what you post on social media. To begin, when teens post a new picture on their favorite social media platforms, many of them

need to think about others, whether or not it's going to be admired by their friends which makes it so complicated for them. Subsequently,

teens need the most likes they can get, it's like food to them, they can't live without it. Then last, if the amount of likes are low, you're not pictured as one of those cool famous teens, which obviously is a must in

a teens life. To summarize, likes are slowly taking over teens lives which is adding unneeded stress to their life's.

The final step of the hard life of a teen is the confidence in general. First, social media is the number one source of a teen that makes them lose confidence in themselves. On most social media platforms, we can find a big amount of pictures of many people who have a body that every teen would love to have. Photoshopped or not, teens always compare themselves to models which makes them feel not so good. The second example concerns a lot of girls these days. Many boys look for a girl who loves herself, who is confident which makes girls feel even worst because they can't feel that for themselves and so, they lose hope and it lowers even more their confidence. Third, with all of these informations and lifestyles, people expect and tell teens to feel good about themselves but they don't realize how hard it is to feel that way. In brief, confidence is such a hard feeling to achieve for a teen these days.

This said, a teen is a hard full-time job. Furthermore, they need


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