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Write A Short Essay On How We Can Reduce The Stress In Our Life And How It Is Affecting Our Health In ?

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All our life, we undergo the stress. In fact, a child must to success in school, a teenager has to pass his exams, and go to higher school. We must not disappoint our parents. And after, when we grow up, we have responsibilities, professionally and personally.

Thus, it’s important to find a solution to reduce the stress in all our life because it affecting our health. But why and how we can do reduce it?

We live with the stress, even persons who are not stressed generally. The stress is defined by different symptoms: physical symptoms, psychological symptoms and behavioral symptoms. Anyway, it exist a lot kind of stress and all have an impact on health, and it could be devastating effects. In fact, it can cause the augmentation of tension, psychological problem or it can act on our muscles because of the work.

Because of it, somebody can lose a lot of things and he can isolate himself from the world. Owing to the fact that her near relations don’t know what they must to do or how they can help her, he can have a breakdown.

If a person work too much and have a dateline for projects, she are stressed to the max and it can cause health problem, very serious (fatigue, pain ...). When a person, for example a student, must to an oral, he can fail because of the stress.

Thus the stress could be very incapacitating. But there are solutions to cutting down it to live more serenely.

Stressed people can utilize relaxation method, like relaxation therapy, yoga, massage, respiration…

But I think that the best things is to institute balance between work and life. Find something to do the work, and not be a procrastinator, and to have off-time. In fact, at any age, everybody must to work and enjoy the life. A student has to success his exams but also goes out with his friends and discovers the life. An adult have responsibilities with his job but it’s important to try out to keep their status of adult and not only like a worker, and to feel fulfillment.

To sum up, I think it’s unavoidable to feel stress, even a little. But if you want, it’s widely possible to find a solution in order that feel good in your life.


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