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Candidate Profiling, Testing, and Segmentation

University Canada West

Course: BUSI 640 Consulting Practice

Instructor: Dr. Mike Benke

June 21, 2021        

Table of contents


Introduction        3

Objectives        4

Structural Analysis of Candidates Profiling, Testing, and Segmentation        5

Candidates Profiling Timeline Framework        6

Value Creation for Clients        7

Values Created by Services        8

Recommendations        8

Conclusion        9

References        10


CareerNiche is like a match-making company for professionals. Our project focuses mainly on doing the best service for both parties to our customers. For all the companies, we need to fulfill your request by providing the right candidate. And for a candidate, they should help them enter the work of the market by providing the best offer at the table. The development of software characteristics that help perform these tasks efficiently is our primary objective.  

 In fact, it is revolutionary that it has a function that automatically monitors the applicant’s results and allows them to link them to the company. This feature that is part of the cost and time-saving technology helps increase customer satisfaction of both parties. A significant increase in our income and profits to obtain reliability when we allow appropriate candidates to work efficiently and improve customer satisfaction. Help, but even attract more customers at the quality of the service provided.

         Companies receive thousands of papers on each room and use a unique device to detect appropriate candidate shorts. The possibilities, the decision-making tools to efficiently summarise their boss are presented in this study. Outlook Mining summarises the essential characteristics of the applicant’s profiles, such as capacity, skills, knowledge, and background of each level. The extracted data are shown as an aspect for support recipients in filtering work. You can also use the search algorithm to qualify all candidates for a particular work opportunity. Our approach evaluates the appropriate type of work and appropriate candidates for the desired company since satisfaction can maximize. In addition, our goal is to create traffic on our website by providing competitive customer satisfaction for our candidates, marketing, and the satisfaction of merciful customers.  


Career Niche as a recruiting agency requires setting goals and implementing appropriate strategies that would encourage and motivate candidates in the recruitment process daily to grow them personally and professionally. The objective set by Career Niche is as follows.

  • Find skilled employees with the required skills, qualifications, and training, with a generous amount of experience and expertise to seamlessly conduct the recruitment process.
  • Training the candidate so that he can adjust to diverse cultures and company environments so that he can get dynamic experience and grow them in a much better surrounding.
  • Following SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, and Time-based) to establish appropriate recruitment goals.
  • Identifying the interests of the candidate and getting them placed according to their desires and expertise. It is also imperative to decrease the new hire failure rate.
  • Preparing the candidate based on situational circumstances and analyzing their educational background for more specific job roles.
  • It is crucial to demonstrate positive results to the candidates by manifesting them with their own achievements, engagement, skills, and expertise. The candidate is satisfied and works on their own personal growth by putting in endless endeavors for their own dream job.  
  • Learning more about the industry of their preferred job role to determine the requirement, qualification, or certification (if needed) to analyze future requirements by contributing well to meet organizational goals.

Structural Analysis of Candidates Profiling, Testing, and Segmentation

A collection of traits, attributes, or prior performances that a candidate would aspire to attain is primarily a candidate profile. A highly organized project involves creating a candidate profile. It indicates that a job seeker defines precisely what is needed. Job descriptions may simply be enhanced by developing the correct profile for candidates. The correct keywords and the appropriate qualities can attract candidates of the highest caliber. It enhances the usage of specialized recruitment platforms since diverse recruitment platforms may be the right contestant. This results in a more specific and successful search, as the chance for more qualified applicants to make valued hiring improves.

The structural analysis test is specially developed to find future employment by employers by assessing their working skills and job preparedness. Therefore, the focus is placed on evaluating, rather than on theoretical know-how, the information obtained by practical work experience. This score helps to make an engagement choice based on the overall exam performance of the candidate on every topic covered in the examination to find gaps in his knowledge. This score provides a complete overview of the candidate’s broad knowledge to assess whether the candidate has thorough knowledge to perform in the job.

Candidate segmentation is very efficient since it enables one to discover failure spots, refine effectiveness statistics for each hiring step, assess total recruitment efforts and evaluate network health for every group independently. It may also be significantly customized and adjusted to meet the talent requirements of the unique business. The best approach to identify applicant groups is to divide them into existing structures in the business.

Candidates Profiling Timeline Framework

A list of traits, features, or prior accomplishments you seek in your applicant is basically an applicant profile. The approach is highly organized to develop a requirement document. It implies that you describe exactly what you need in a job applicant. In every phase of the hiring process, a strong connection with your applicants is required. Get the documents to don’t lose a client that you worked tirelessly to locate after you made a selection. The keystone of every need’s process is connection. For instance, an applicant profile may include attributes such as free thinkers, cheerfulness, confidence, a history in Customer Care, and other qualities and talents that you would want to see in the applicant. It can contain “must-have” and “nice-to-have” characteristics. These are a few techniques to improve the efficiency of Career Niche recruitment:  Build typical design checklists. Make arrange your recruitment using checklists. Benefit them to plan meetings and calls to verify before you talk with your applicants that you have everything you need. Custom emails are vital, but you do not always guess where to begin—select templates to request recommendations or invite interviewing applicants. Modify your email layouts periodically so that they are seldom stalled.


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