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Alpas Camp

Étude de cas : Alpas Camp. Recherche parmi 236 000+ dissertations

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  • Introduction.
  • Alpas Camp



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  • Marketing mix 





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  • Conclusion.
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Living in our world the phenomenon of youth unemployement is persistent . On  a global scale all nations look for the ultimate solution to create job opportunities in favor of the neet population .

For this reason , how can we win the challenge of recruiting as many individuals as possible while creating added value ?


Lalla Fatima , our godmother an ambitious women who after getting her bachelor’s degree came back to promote tourism in her native region thus by creating a cooperative which was unsuffisant  since hundreds of tourists stay only for a few minutes , take a break and look else where for a place to spend the night in !

Moreover the neet percentage in the village is important , presenting 60% according to a statistic survey done by our team , many young people with a lot of potential don’t have access to a stable and a meaningful job even thought  the resources are available .

What could be the solution to settle both problematics while creating added value for both parties ?

To fix this problem we conceived alpas camp , an ecological camp within the douar in order to revive the touristic aspect of the region as well as creating meaningful jobs to generate sustainable and durable income to people who are neither in education , employement nor training .

This camp is composed of many traditional chalets so as to offer the visitors an unforgettable experiences by adapting them to the villager’s lifestyles . It’s not just a place where we can spend nights it’s a place where we can live experiences ! If we say an expanded program full of musical evenings organized by the talented musicans of the region , douartised pyjama parties or even astronomical nights ?


Regarding our logo of the campsite we chose this one as we see it all we have the tent in the foreground to emphasize our concept with camp fire and in the background we find the mountains and green trees to quoted what we refer to the nature of the region and all the way back we find the sunset. Through this logo we tried to convey the beauty of nature that you will find in our campsite and the beautiful landscapes that await your visit.

[pic 1]


 [pic 2]

Djebli club : founding date 2015 , located at Chaouen.

A participative and ecological project that promotes humanity and respect for nature

which invites all interested persons to share their experiences and to participate in the development of the region.

[pic 3]

      Tfina : founding date 2008, located at Arfoud.

      Enjoys a quiet and green environment.  opens on one side on the huge palm of Tafilatet and on the other, the highest dunes  in Morocco.




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