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Tutoriel sur l'installation de l'isolation (VIDEO)

Commentaire de texte : Tutoriel sur l'installation de l'isolation (VIDEO). Recherche parmi 265 000+ dissertations

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Insulation installation tutorial (VIDEO)

I’m energy adviser Josh Littrell, Uninsulated or poorly insulated floors can cost you up to twenty-five percent on your heating and cooling bill every month. We are going to use this closed space to demonstrate the proper installation. Of course the first thing you gonna need is insulation which is created in R value and for Kentucky we ‘re recommending R-19, and when doing this project, you gonna need a few safety items, Including safety glasses , gloves a long sleeve shirt and some type of mask. No need to buy an expensive mask for just one job : any type of mask will do. Ok for this project you are going to need a couple of things. You gonna need a utility knife to cut your insulation, a tape measure and when installing floor insulation, you’ll need insulation hangers which can be found at your local hardware store or local building supplier. And when you ‘re shopping for your fiberglass insulation, you will find two types : you will find unfaced, and you will find faced, which has paper on one side. For this demonstration we pre-cut our pieces. It doesn’t matter which type of insulation you use, but it’s important to remember that in Kentucky, we recommend R-19 and if you use a paper face product which is what we gonna use in our demonstration today, you will install the paper facing towards the floor. Let’s get started. Ok to install your floor insulation you want to place it genuinely in contact with the bottom of the floor. And be careful not to over compress. Then you gonna use those insulation hangers and install them every eighteen to twenty four inches. The hangers are bent, towards the floor and insure that the insulation stays in contact, helping you realize your xxxxx and realize the full value saving potential of your new floor insulation.

That’s really all there is to it. Ok now to complete your project you will make sure that the rest of your insulation is not over-compressed and that it’s installed so that there are no gaps in no voids. There are too big benefits to installing your insulation properly : number one your house will be more comfortable and number two you will save money on your heating and cooling bill every month.


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