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Drugs and alcohol : Cause and Excuse for domestic violence

Cours : Drugs and alcohol : Cause and Excuse for domestic violence. Recherche parmi 236 000+ dissertations

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Drugs and alcohol: Cause or Excuse for domestic violence

Domestic violence is a very common form of violence against women whose victims suffer the consequence on many fronts-housing, healths, education, freedom to live their lives without fear and the way they see it fit. This wide spread phenomena affects all countries and is in all categories or classes. Domestic violence is also an incident of using excessive force between adults who are intimate partners or are family members, regardless of their gender. The most distinct characteristic of this despicable act of domestic violence is beating of the opposite sex. Drug abuse to be precise Alcohol has questionably contributed to be the cause of this, while many a time has been used by many as a scapegoat for domestic abuse. Many will make an effort to explain drugs and alcohol use as the main cause and excuse for their violent behavior, if so why involve themselves with it.

What is the cause of domestic violence? Domestic violence is in itself a behavior that is acquired in the cause of the child developmental stage of every human being. Habits of violence are mostly influenced by the surroundings as we grow up. These acts or habits of violence are therefore picked by the individuals from within their social circles, a really good example is of a teenager growing up in an abusive environment. As he grows up he will defiantly try to instigate what he has seen and learned as he grows up weather under the influence of alcohol or not. Statistics prove that a huge percentage of kids who grow up in a family witnessing domestic violence will also try to prompt it. As it is said like father like son. In a situation such as this, is alcohol to be blamed on domestic violence or is the society itself? But still this does not give the perpetuators the right to practice in domestic violence.

In a survey delivered in February 2001 which covered 6,970 women aged 20 to 59 years specified no information on the direct role of Alcohol on domestic abuse, but it can be appreciated in the light of two recent studies which were conducted in Loire-Atlantique. 419 GPs provided answers which drew the conclusion that alcohol induced violence took a huge percentage compared to violent spouses. In the second study which came from consultation of Toulouse assault and battery. During a period of four months 138 women victims of domestic violence were interviewed and 29% of the cases were alcohol instigated. In other words, the spouse’s alcoholism is invoked in all studies on domestic violence but the responsibility goes from 30 to 90%. So what does this prove that alcohol and drug abuse are the cause of domestic violence? At present alcohol is mostly associated by almost everyone to road safety and not considering its severe effects on domestic violence which has become a human drama, which has not yet been voiced out to the public enough.

Most of the incidents of domestic violence that involve people under the influence of drugs or alcohol are found to have a greater degree of brutality and injury to the opposite party, in contrast to the incidences of violence that involves sober individuals which are directed towards those close to them. Considering the extremities of various incidents of domestic violence one can try arguing out that alcohol or drugs are directly responsible for


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