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American history

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Lewis and Clark.

Lewis and Clark are 2 American explorers. They were asked by the government (the president was Thomas Jefferson) to across America from Illinois to Pacific Ocean. They have been famous only for 2 years (between 1804 – 1806). It’s was a difficult trip to join the ocean so, Lewis and Clark receive help from Sacagawea, and Indian girl who was deaf. She teaches them how to survive, hunted an eating this extreme condition. Railways was constructed between 1826 and 1849.

Gold rush

Gold rush happened in California particularly in the Sacramento valley were Mexican people founded gold in 1848. At this time, the valley was inhabited with 100 persons. In 1852, at the most of gold, they were 100 000 persons. After that, Sacramento became one of the most important city in the united states of America. During gold rush, the president was Zachary Taylor (12th president). 2 billion dollars. They also were gold rush in new-Zealand, Australia, Canada, brazil and south Africa.

Elis island

Elis island was a military base from 1808 to 1892. The 1st January 1892, Elis island open to emigration. Elis island welcomed 12 million of emigrants (first million was reach in 1907). He has been close in 1957. It’s now a museum. It’s located in the bay of New York in front of the statue of liberty.

United states of America have a great history with so many thinks to say. Secession war is one of the most famous.

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