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Téléchargez Full Tilt Poker et créez un compte en argent réel (document en anglais)

Mémoire : Téléchargez Full Tilt Poker et créez un compte en argent réel (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 245 000+ dissertations

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Download Full Tilt Poker and register for a real money account if you haven't already done so, then follow the steps below to pair your new account with your existing PokerStars account.

Step 1: Log into your PokerStars account, click 'Account' and select 'Pair Full Tilt Poker Account…'.

Step 2: You will then proceed to Step 1 of the Full Tilt Poker Account Pairing dialogue, which will introduce you to the feature. Click 'Continue'.

Step 3: Step 2 of 2 in Account Pairing will generate a unique "pairing code". This pairing code will be presented to you on screen. You will be required to enter the pairing code, exactly as it appears, in the Full Tilt Poker Software.

Step 4: Once you have generated and taken note of your unique account pairing code in the PokerStars software, you need to open the Full Tilt Poker software and log in to your Full Tilt Poker account.

Step 5: Once logged in to your Full Tilt Poker account, select the 'Account' menu and then 'Pair PokerStars Account'.

Step 6: The next steps are where you will be required to use your unique pairing code. If you have already successfully generated your pairing code, click 'Continue'.

During the account pairing process you may be prompted to enter your personal information if all the required fields have not been entered. You may be required to show proof of address.

Step 7: Next, enter your PokerStars account User ID and unique security pairing code, which was supplied in the PokerStars software. If you do not yet have your security code, see step 1 and log in to the PokerStars software. If you have lost your unique pairing code, you must retrieve a new one in the PokerStars lobby.

Step 8: Your account pairing request will now be processed. In most cases this will take only a few seconds, however there may be instances where your account pairing request has to be reviewed by a member of staff. You will be notified by email once your account pairing request has been fully processed.




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