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Spaces and exchanges Gap Year

Dissertation : Spaces and exchanges Gap Year. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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The notion of « spaces and exchanges » deals with interaction between men and different societies. Our world is build on the exploration and conquest of new spaces. The different cultural, economic, sociological and language interactions have shaped and characterised our modern world.

A gap year is a practice was born in the UK in the 60s. Since that time, the principle extended in all countries of the world and more and more peoples engages for several years abroad. Today, a gap year is an interruption in the school time between the college (after the baccalauréat) and the high school. It’s like a sabbatical year for adults.

So let’s ask the question of what do young people gain when they do a gap year ? Is it always positive or can there be drawbacks ?

Firstly, we will see the advantages and the drawbacks of a gap year. Then, we will see an experience in particular and finally we will see the personal document with explanations on it ans the other document of the report.

To begin, we will get interest in the advantages and the drawbacks of the gap year. In the doccument « The big issue : mind the gap year », there are a lot of examples of advantages fort the gap year or drawbacks. In fact, the gap year can give a chance to take your independence but it’s dangerous for a young student to go far away from his place of living. After, the gap year interest famous people like Prince William who went in Chile to help the people and build new structuresfor their future. Sometimes, the villagers who return in their house can be disappointing to find the village completely different. To conclude this idea, a gap year can be good for education, the future etc, but can be bad for many reasons noticed the part.

Now, we will see an experience of a person who tell the story of a student who went to Japan beafore going to Nepal. This girl hated the experience in Japan because the girl was black and the Japanese are very racist. So, she didn’t want to return there. After, she tells her story. She went to Kenya and there, she loved the atmosphere. If she had the opportunity to go abrod an other time, she would return to this country with this very good civilization. So, in conclusion, in this case, a gap year can be rewarding.

The last document is a document of my choice. This document is a board with a girl who questions herself on her future. Maybe she will do a gap year to fin a purpose for a future job.

On these document, we can understand a gap year change your future for an idea of job or hobby in voluntier job. When you decide to do a gap year, you have many possibilities of destination (Asia (China-Japan-India), Africa (South Africa-Kenya), America (Canada-Argentina-Chile) or Europe (Italy-Germany-Spain)).


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