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Rapport de projet

Étude de cas : Rapport de projet. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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4P + AOC

My new computer







Weight: light

Adapted for studies


Special deal (less expensive)

Less expensive than his competitors

Medium price


Sold in special shops

In shops or on line

Near to the mall


Shop staff

Special price tag

Expensive brand + a less expensive brand




High quality (manufacturing and material)

Long-time used. Fashion,

Medium quality, short time used, just near of fashion or copy


Expensive, selective, premium

Cheap, large public


Just in few shops of luxe or in brand’s shops (around one in each town)

In shops, all around the world, the same everywhere, big shops with a lot of choice (franchise)


Endorse (famous artists or models). Magazine ( luxe) and fashion shows. Made the fashion

Endorse (anonym models) TV advertisement and magazine. Follow the fashion


One seller per client, quality

Special attention in shop

Rich customers

Luxury shops and web site with space and not a lot of product

Self-service shop

Asking for help

Middle class customers

Big shops with a lot of choice, same thing on the web site


Some parts handmade, limited number of piece

Industrial production in quantity


Special bag and box for each handbag in quality material and paper bag

Non-packaging except the plastic bag

SWOT Of my company: CYPE France software for the building engineering

Stenghts :

  • novelty
  • innovation
  • adaptability (not a lot employees)
  • online presence
  • target very well known by the Director
  • qualified technical employees
  • technical support of the Spain
  • Experience of the brand in other countries (Spain, Morocco, Latin America,...)

Weakness :

  • Staff need to be regularly trained in news technologies advanced and new norms,.
  • Few financial resources
  • Small sellers team

and technical support (a lot of work)

  • Need to adapt all products for France (mandatory standards).
  • The price

Opportunities :

  • technological advances (BIM)
  • New support for training
  • New technical standards for the construction (new products for sale example: RT 2012 and RTExistant)
  • Construction market growing ( obligations of social building in every city)

Threats :

  • The technological advance of the largest competition.
  •  Presence of older competitors in France
  • the entry of new competitors in the market
  • Problems of internet connection in some areas ( essential to use the product)

Marketing plan

CYPE France is a company of calculation software in the building business. We are a company of sale software programming and technical support.

Our objectives are SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time based) for the commercial team because during a meeting the director explain how much he want to sold on every software during the year 2017. So we know on which product we have to work , how much we need to sold, they are attainable because they are based on the last year, relevant because they are made to grow up the benefice and prom the new software and time based on the year.

We should focus on gaining new customers, in fact we already have a repeat business for our clients ( most of them take the new version of our software) it’s easier for them they don’t need to be formed on a new one. There are just new features. And more than this the company is young (6 years in France) and don’t have a big notoriety in France. So we can win new clients.

Most of  our customers share they habits for shops they software. Most of them made researches on internet before they choice. And want the most easy and precise used.


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