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Résumé du Les Fils de l'homme de Alfonso Cuarón (document en anglais)

Rapports de Stage : Résumé du Les Fils de l'homme de Alfonso Cuarón (document en anglais). Recherche parmi 243 000+ dissertations

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Friday 1 January 2021

Early this morning, 1 January 2021, three minutes after midnight, the last human being to

be born on earth was killed in a pub brawl in a suburb of Buenos Aires, aged twenty-five

years, two months and twelve days. If the first reports are to believed, Joseph Ricardo died as

he had lived. The distinction, if one can call it that, of being the last human whose birth was

officially recorded, unrelated as it was to any personal virtue or talent, had always been difficult

for him to handle. And now he is dead. The news was given to us here in Britain on the

nine o’clock programme of the State Radio Service and I heard it fortuitously. I had settled

down to begin this diary of the last half of my life when I noticed the time and thought I might

as well catch the headlines to the nine o’clock bulletin. Ricardo’s death was the last item mentioned,

and then only briefly, a couple of sentences delivered without emphasis in the newscaster’s

carefully non-committal voice. But it seemed to me, hearing it, that it was a small additional

justification for beginning the diary today: the first day of a new year and my fiftieth

birthday. As a child I had always liked that distinction, despite the inconvenience of having it

follow Christmas too quickly so that one present–it never seemed notably superior to the one I

would in any case have received–had to do for both celebrations.

As I begin writing, the three events, the New Year, my fiftieth birthday, Ricardo’s death,

hardly justify sullying the first pages of this new loose-leaf notebook. But I shall continue, one

small additional defence against personal accidie. If there is nothing to record, I shall record

the nothingness and then if, and when, I reach old age–as most of us can expect to, we have

become experts at prolonging life–I shall open one of my tins of hoarded matches and light

my small personal bonfire of vanities. I have no intention of leaving the diary as a record of

one man’s last years. Even in my most egotistical moods I am not as self-deceiving as that.

What possible interest can there be in the journal of Theodore Faron, Doctor of Philosophy,

Fellow of Merton College in the University of Oxford, historian of the Victorian age, divorced,

childless, solitary, whose only claim to notice is that he is cousin to Xan Lyppiatt, the dictator

and Warden of England. No additional personal record is, in any case, necessary. All over the



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