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Pourquoi les gens immigrent-ils aux États-Unis?

Commentaire d'oeuvre : Pourquoi les gens immigrent-ils aux États-Unis?. Recherche parmi 237 000+ dissertations

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Space: an area/ a zone ready to be used

Exchanges: an act of giving one thing and receiving another one whatever this “thing” may be.

The USA are a land of immigrants all Americans have foreign origins.

The only different is that for some it’s more recent and father it’s less recent.

I choose to illustrate the immigration to in the USA to 3 documents, a movie “Far and away” and 2 videos “Migrant ship TOLL nears 100 in tragedy” “Less than 18’ to climb a US – Mexico bordelwall”.

Why do people immigrate to the USA?

At first I am going to speak about the reasons of the migrants that they leave their country. Then secondly I am going to speak about the conditions of their trips and risks.

I- Reasons

Better life : research riches, for freedom (USA dream)…

People for many countries  arrived al Ellis Island

Immigration : 5 M Italians, 6 M Germans, 5 M British, 4 M Irish, 3 M Austians…+ France, Grèce, Turkey…

A) Push factors

- Research for riches (poverty)

- Crisis economic, political, religious and oppression

- New life ; without all the rules in the old Europe

- *Shannon  rich girl  feels in prison  independent

- British  Ireland is occupied by the English ( persecutions religion/race, dic of hunger)

- *Avoid the conflicts with the British (burn in the house)

- Wanted to start a new life

- * Buy a piece of land, money

B) Pull factors

- American Dream: Freedom

- Freedom of speech

- Freedom of religion

- Freedom of entreprise

- Freedom of opinion

- Democracy country

II- Risks

A) Before

- Bad conditions of transport

- * Horse + train

- Long and dangerous journey (no comfort)

- * Train: Small space…

- Find money for their journey

- * Ellis Island + Titanic

- Long journey (Have a reserve of food and water)

B) Now

- Bad condition * ship: many people got ill during the trip

- Long and dangerous journey

- * Ship: overloaded + sinking (naufrage)

- * Many deaths


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