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History of Staten Island

Cours : History of Staten Island. Recherche parmi 250 000+ dissertations

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II) History of Staten Island (clémence)

Best known for its vast parks and beach areas, Staten Island is a place where many generations of

people have come to make a good life for their families. Staten Island has always been known for its

family values and slower pace of living. Yet, we are just a boat ride away from the most exciting place

in the world... "Manhattan" For residents of other boroughs, the Island's beaches and parks are a

retreat from the crowded city streets. The island was discovered in 1524 by Giovanni Da Verrazano, it

was then inhabited by the Algonquin Indians. In the early seventeenth century Henry Hudson named

the Island Staten Island and established a trading post. While other borough of New York grew over

the decades, the Staten remained rural and little bit populated. It was attached to a city of New York

in 1898. But it was not until the early 70s that the Island began to be populated with the actual

construction of the Verrazano Bridge (1964). The people of Brooklyn began to settle… Staten Island

now knows a strong urban development. In the 80s movement for independence was developed to

leave the bosom of the city of New York. The political agenda in Manhattan, voted a referendum

even separating Staten Island and New York city… The process was blocked by the state. Known for

his famous Greenbelt (protected area in the center of the Island), Staten is unfortunately also known

for his landfill Fresh Kills Landfill. Opened in 1948, she became in some years the largest landfill in the

world!! Just before it closed in 2001 exceeded the top 25 meters of the statue of liberty.


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