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Exposé sur les Fatals Picards (groupe de musique)

Dissertation : Exposé sur les Fatals Picards (groupe de musique). Recherche parmi 257 000+ dissertations

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Les Fatals Picards is a French group founded in 1998, they mix humor and several musical genres, such as French or punk song, but aussile reggae. They represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 with the song love the French. They finished 22nd out of 24 participants.

Their humor consists of caricatures of rappers, singers humanitarian demagogic, heads of Stiff, boy band, reggae groups, generic television series of the 1980s

They make fun of big record companies and their fight against the illegal copying of music.

They made 10 albums

They make many cartoons like Bernard Lavilliers, Tetes raides Zebda

They laugh a bit like in the song chasse, pêche et biture.

Ivan Callot, causing the group, left in December 2007

They seek primarily to make people laugh and do not take themselves too seriously, their lyrics are full of puns. They call for example one of their album pamplemousse mécanique.

They are a bit crazy and especially their live concerts.

I love them because they know to be very self-deprecating. I'll see them soon in concert in Poitiers. But all their album are not good. I especially like Orange Mécanique and sens de la gravité. They released an album on Monday following.

I listen to this group mostly for fun

there Ivan and Paul on vocals, guitar Laurent, Yves on bass and Jean-Marc on drums


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