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Descriptive index card

Name and first name of the candidate : BROHAN Noémie

Title of the situation of communication : Report

 Real-life

Index card of situation of communication n°: 1


Company name : GMT Solutions d’Etiquetage

Les Béziers

35310 BREAL SOUS MONTFORT Business sector : Development and manufacturing (of solutions) of industrial labeling

Task (s) of the reference table concerned (s) : Oral communication in a group

Context of the situation

 Frame/Context :

During my last week of internship with in the company GMT Solutions d’Etiquetage, my supervisor a quality controller, asked me to make an oral report with the manager, the sales manager and the quality controller.

The report was about the customers’ satisfaction survey.

I had to make the report during a meeting for them to give me answers about the satisfaction survey.

 Object of the situation of communication :

Investigation satisfaction report

 Components on the communication :

. Actors : the director, the sales manager and the quality manager and myself

. Relation between the actors : Hierarchical relation

. Channel : Oral communication

. Place : Meeting room

. Time : Approximately 15 min

Communications strategies

The strategy is a strategy of cooperation because my supervisor, the quality manager, the commercial manager and the director listened.

The evaluation of the relation

The communication went very well. I could explain and highlight the most important aspects of the survey.

 During this communication several attitudes were adopted by the various actors.

An attitude of active listening from the quality manager, the sales manager and the manager to me during my oral, report an attitude which consists in showing a good attitude during my report.

There was thus a real communication, which favored a good relation trainee supervisor.


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